Grupo Linari Micheletti, is a holding specialized in project management in the Informatics Technology market.



Software development and counselling services for different market areas.

We turn information into profitable knowledge
GLM S.A., we develop informatics solutions for authorized toll dealers, Insurance and Public Services companies, electric and telephonic Cooperatives, Banks and Industries in Argentina and abroad. We count with a solid organizational structure formed by highly skilled professionals in Administration, Economics, Informatics, Systems and Communications. They work on integral technological projects that aim at facilitating and promoting our clients’ development.
In 1990 we carried out a reengineering of all our processes due to the new developments arising in the informatics market. This restructuring was supplemented with the incorporation of the new tool CASE (Genexus) for the system development. This allowed us to change the work methodology, offer better services and maximize our professionals’ productivity compared to traditional programming. Since then, we have had an important growth at national level, lately adding overseas customers. Our “turnkey” methodology is a concept that reduces counselling costs, makes results more foreseeable and, above all, permits the customization of each project.


Web applications development for the processes of electronics billing and online management.

We make the implementation of informatics projects viable.
We integrate the company’s resources to maximize and boost their strengths. In SIXON our main value proposition consists of a management model focused on a substantial improvement of the customer´s profitability. We make it viable through the design and implementation of informatics systems.
With objectives concentrated on cost reduction as well as business process optimization, backed by extensive experience, we focus on planification and design of functional models.
Our professional staff are responsible of extensively analysing every edge of the customer’s business:

  • Functional aspects
  • Technological aspects
  • Infrastructure

SIXON S.A. has the certification on ISO 9001:2015 standards by BUREAU VERITAS company for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of business management (ERP) software.


Development of informatics solutions with vast experience in the health sector

The technological innovation for Public and Private Hospitals management.
In DOCSYS S.A. we have developed a system that covers the integral organisation management to provide public and private hospital services.
We work with proven and specific methodologies for each part of the process: Methodology of Reengineering, Implementation, Application Integration, Change Management, etc. We count on different technical profile professionals, which allows us to analyse all the edges of the customer’s functional, technological business. We also count on the necessary infrastructure to provide the best solutions.
We have incorporated the best market practices in our process modelling.
We base our processes on knowledge transfer, thus giving our customer the necessary Know How to continue with the model growth.


Commercialization and implementation of technological solutions.

Technological tools to optimize business processes.
We are a company devoted to the design, analysis and software development. We also specialize in GLMSUIT system implementation.
We count on a solid and experienced professional team to face the most demanding challenges. The continuous training and the different profile sprofessionals allow us to set the dream team por each project.
Our main goals are to enable customers to:

  • React faster in response to the dynamic market needs.
  • Obtain a fast return rate of investment.
  • Increase resources productivity.
  • Count on a solid technological platform.
  • Sistematize the knowledge to boost profitability.

Where the success of the company lies

  • Technology to develop the applications.
  • Culture based on constant improvement and fast learning.
  • Business knowledge.
  • Staff´s strong commitment and motivation.
  • Work teams with experience in project implemention.
  • Work teams composed by different profile professionals (entrepreneurs, integrators, administratives).
  • Strong leadership mainly based on influence.
  • Policies based on innovation.
  • Staff stability.
  • Quality products.

In times when productivity is the challenge, GLMsuit displays information access tools that impact and improve the performance on every level.

Software that automatizes the integral management of the business.
Software for the most valuable management assets.
A software that ensures the steady, non-stop operation of the services
Management software to facilitate decision making.
Management Software for a successful and effcient driving
A software that offers the companies sector a direct line with their customers
Management software to improve the manufacturing process
The software that simplifies the public and private hospital management
A software that automatizes settlements and billing processes.

Technology is our expertise
Every application developed by GLM uses the Case Genexus tool. GeneXusTM is a development platform which creates applications for Windows, mobile devices, Web and legacy platforms. All of them generate and automatically connect each function, service and database required. They are developed in the desired language with an ideal data structure.
Every application created with GeneXusTM works as designed.


GeneXus is a tool based on the “users’ visions”, which captures their knowledge to organize it in a database. From here on, GeneXus can automatically design, generate and maintain the structure and the application programs (needed by the users to work with their visions). GeneXus is built on a solid mathematical foundation. GeneXus’ main strength is an excellent knowledge administration of business systems. It works with pure knowledge, which permits to generate programs (traditional software) and understand human beings’ knowledge (not needing extra updatable documentation). It also allows the automatic operation of this information (embeddable with diferent sources, spreading it, giving licences to third parties to be included in their applications). In conclusion, it makes the “knowledge business” possible as a step ahead in respect to the “software business”.